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Various terms used in Surveying

1. Plan and Map: Plan and map are the representation of the area on the paper. The plan is the representation of the smaller area as compared to the larger area in case of the map.  You can read and see the maps of India but you will not see the plan of the India, because we use the term map for it.
2.Bearing:  The term bearing is the horizontal angle which a given line makes with the reference line/direction(generally    magnetic north is taken as the reference line).  The bearing are of many type. According to the direction of work it is for-bearing and back-bearing. There are two system of use for it, it is whole circle bearing(W.C.B.) system and quadrantal bearing system(Q.B.S.). The bearing is further classified as Fore Bearing(F.B.) and Back Bearing(B.B.). 3. Elevation: Elevation is the vertical distance of the given point from the assumed or given datum. The datum generally taken is the mean sea level(M.S.L.), so it is taken as the 0m.  4. Levelling: The branch of surveying in whi…