Friday, October 7, 2016

Error and Correction in a Closed Traverse by Compass Surveying.


A closed traverse constructed after doing a compass survey can be checked for error by a simple formula.

As per the geometry, in a closed traverse with 'n' number of sides the total sum of the interior angles = (2n-4) * 90 degrees.

Example: Consider a pentagon with five sides and five number of interior angles A, B, C, D and E.

Sum of the interior angles = (2*n - 4) *90
= (2*5 - 4) *90
= 540 degrees.

If it was a hexagon, then n= 6
and sum of interior angles would be
= (2*6 - 4)* 90 =720 degrees

Apply this check to the closed traverse at hand and see the error.

Error =
Sum of the given interior angles - (2n- 4)*90

Correction = - Error.

Generally the error is equally divided among the interior angles of the traverse. So correction for each angle  = - (Error) / n

If the exterior angles are given, then the total sum of the exterior angles = (2n+4)*90
remember an exterior angle = 360- interior angle.
For example exterior angle at A = 360- Int. angle A.

Calculate the Error, E = Total Sum of exterior angle - (2n+4)*90
Correction = -E
Divide the correction equally for each angle = -E/n.

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