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Topics to be covered in this post are:
1) Terrestrial and Aerial photographs,
2)Aerial Camera and height displacements in vertical photographs,
3)Stereoscopic vision and stereoscopies,
4)Height determination from parallax measurement,
5)flight planning,
6)Plotting by radial line method,
7)Principle of photo interpretation and photogrammetric monitoring in Civil Engineering.
8)Introduction to remote sensing and its systems,
9)Concept of G.I.S. and GPS - basic components,
10)data input, storage and output.
Photogrammetry and types of photographs:
Photogrammetry is an art or science of preparation of maps, plans, or 3D models of areas, using the photographs taken by the photogrammetric cameras. It is broadly classified into two categories,
(1) Terrestrial Photogrammetry  (2) Aerial Photogrammetry
In Terrestrial photogrammetry the photos are taken on the surface of the earth, and these photos are used to interpret the 3D models, or the dimensions of the objects. Terrestrial photogrammetr…