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Questions from Surveying-1 which may be asked in viva and interview

Hi,  here are some questions which came into my mind that can be asked in your vivas or interviews.
Q.1 What is the principal of Surveying? If you have studied the Surveying or if you are still studying, then this is the one of the first question which you should know. When ever you have to do any kind of survey you have to do it from whole to parts. It is the first principle of Surveying. Initially main control points are established with very high accuracy at the far distances to cover whole the area and then using these points as the reference points you establish  the secondary and tertiary control points. Second principle of Surveying which you should know is that any point can be established or located precisely with reference to a minimum of two another reference points. That means you need at least two reference points to locate one another point.
Q.2 What is the principal of chaining? You must know that if you have to do the survey only with the help of chaining then it is done by …

Surveying camp (civil engineering) aims

If you are a Civil Engineering student then in most of the curriculums Surveying camp is introduced after you study the plane and geodetic surveying. Generally it is divided in two parts in two different semesters like in HPTU(Himachal Pradesh Technical University) and HPTSB(Himachal Pradesh Takniki Shiksha Board) for diploma course in the same. You have the knowledge of the basic objective of surveying which is to prepare a map or plan.
In survey camp you will be given an area of which you have to prepare a topographical map. You have the knowledge of various instruments like chain, compass,  level, Theodolite, tachometer and plane table etc. Now all you have to do is to take these instruments according to their need and you have to progress towards your goal.
At the start you have to take care of the basic principles of surveying, like working from whole to parts, tells you to first set the control points with very much precision.
You have to use Theodolite, Tachometer etc. to …