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Error due to Refraction and Curvature

Finally, today I thought to write about this particular topic, which is important to study when we are talking about Geodetic Surveying.
As we know, in Geodetic Surveying we have to consider the error due to the curvature of the earth and the refraction too. Reason is because a larger area is surveyed in Geodetic Surveying, more than about 256 km2. In such large areas, the error due to curvature of the earth has to be considered to calculate the linear distances and also in case of the angular measurements.
We have to consider the refraction error too, because here we are dealing with the large distances and in order to get the correct results we have to apply these correction.

What is the Error due to Curvature? To understand this simple concept of error due to curvature of the earth, first you have to understand the shape of the earth and the methods and instruments which we employ for calculating these distances. When we do leveling with Theodolite or Autolevel, the line of sight fi…