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Surveying- II (N.S.) B.Tech. 4th Sem Examination (CE-224) - HPTU- 2014

Please find here the question paper set by HPTU for B.Tech. 4th Semester Examination June 2014, for Surveying-II (CE-224).

B.Tech. 4th Semester Examination Surveying -II (N.S.) CE-224 Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100
The candidates shall limit their answer precisely within the answer book (40 pages) issued to them and no supplementary/continuation sheet will be issued.
Note: Attempt five questions in all selecting one question from each section A, B, C and D and all subparts of Section E are compulsory.
Section - A 1. (a) Two parallel railway lines are to be connected by a reverse curve. If the lines are 10 m apart, the maximum distance between tangent points measured parallel to the straight is 50 m, find:         (a) radius R if R1=R2=R         (b) radius R if R1= 50m.             Also caculate the length of both curves.     (14)   (b) Discuss the characteristics of a transition curve b…