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Survey camp is not just a technical training.


This was long time ago when I posted here my last post, and if you have subscribed to my blog then you might be angry with me. Well, I am sorry, and hey! this is a technical blog, so better I come to the business at hand. I have nothing much technical to write here today, I want to ask a simple question from my readers, do you think that survey camp is more than just a technical training?

If yes, then please do comment about the experiences that you had in your weeks of togetherness with you batch-mates. Generally the camps are held at some wild terrain, having numbers of small or big hills and valleys. This is necessary because one has to learn to find out the contours and thereby draw them on the sheets.

Various streams or roads are to be accurately located and thereby drawn on the sheet. Theodolite and plane tables are the two most necessary instruments that are to be employed, right? But, there is something more important than all these things.

What is that? Its the team work…