Thursday, December 26, 2013

Parts of a Total Station - Primary Details only

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Are you looking for Total Station parts details? Here is it:

  • What is Total Station?
Total Station is a digital surveying instrument which has numbers of function such as, determination of elevation, horizontal distance and location of 3D-co-ordinates.

Total Station is very much precise instrument because, it uses Laser beam technology. The time taken by the LASER beam to reflect back from the target is used to calculate the distance. More time taken means more distance.

This instrument is now widely used for taking precise measurements. For the alignment of  tunnels, bridges, roads and similar other works, it is best to use a Total Station, than any other instrument which are not precise.

  • Parts of a Total Station
Here is a picture showing the primary features of a Total Station. I got this image from a Facebook friend.

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