Friday, March 7, 2014

Training Program on Total Station

Hi dear,
Yesterday, I read a notice from the HOD(Head of Department) which  informed about a training program on the working and using the "Total Station".

This program is going to be held at our own institute and this will be free for the students and teachers of the institute. I have written blogs about almost every topic on the basics of Surveying in this blog and Total station is a topic which I think is still un-touched here.

So, hopefully soon I will post about Total Station and if that comes out to be useful for you too, I will be most happy.

Total station is used where we need fast and very accurate results in terms of the observations which we have to take to check the leveling and distances of the points. Specifically in case of the tunneling and bridge constructions, we have to be very accurate with our measurements.

Any small error can result in the failure of the project and may result in the loss of a huge amount of money. In that manner, Total Station is a requirement of every Civil engineer working in such projects.
This instrument is a little costly but still people who can afford it, will surely use it instead of any other instrument.

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