Monday, December 23, 2013

Multiple Choice Questions


Here are the questions which I asked on my Surveying Page on Facebook, you can join me for more updates on my Facebook page.

1. A level cannot be used for
(a) Profile levelling
(b) Horizontal angle
(c) Vertical Angles
(d) Contouring

Ans : (c)

2. Alidade is used in
(a) Tachoemetry
(b) Plane Tabling
(c) Chaining
(d) Compass Surveying

Ans: (b)

3. Sag correction is
(a) Always positive
(b) Sometimes +ve sometimes -ve
(c) Always negative
(d) 0.

Ans: (c)

4. Principle of Chaining is

Ans: Triangulation

5. Aim/Advantage of working from whole to part is
(a) takes less time
(b) Plotting is easy
(c) Errors are reduced
(d) Need less observations
Ans: (c)

6. What is the main difference between an optical square and prism?

Ans: The angles are adjustable in optical square but they are fixed in prism.

7. A building is
(a) Obstacle for chaining but not for ranging
(b) Obstacle for ranging but not for chaining
(c) Obstacle for both chaining and ranging both.
(d) Not an obstacle to chaining or ranging.

Ans: (c)

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