Friday, September 13, 2013

Surveying one liners- part 3 - GATE 2014 preparation

1. If W is the weight of the chain, L is the span and P is the tension or pull, then sag correction for chain line will be (W^2L)/(24.P^2).

2. Normal tension is that pull which neutralizes the effect due to pull and sag in chain/tape.

3. If O is the angle of slope, L is the length of the slope and H is the difference in elevation between two ends of the line, then slope correction will be 2.L.sin^2(O/2).

4. Limiting length of offset depends upon the accuracy desired, scale of plotting and nature of the ground.

5. Sag correction for chain or tape is always negative.

6. Plane tabling is a graphical method of surveying.

7. Chaining or tape is the best method for the linear measurements.

8. Curves are necessary to change the direction and vertical alignments of the routes.

Solved Example-Distance of a Point from a Line, whose end Co-ordinates are given.

Hi, Problem: The X and Y co-ordinates(in meters) of station Shore are 246.87 and 659.46 respectively, and those for station Rock are 437...

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