Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surveying notes for GATE, PSUs - Part 9

Hello there,
How have you been? Here is 9th part of one liners for the preparation of the GATE and PSUs.
All information is learned through books and practical exercises.

  • If quantity A has a weight of 3, then the weight of A/3 will be 27.
  • In a parabolic vertical curve, the rising grade g1= +0.80% and the falling grade g2= -0.70%. The rate of change of grade is 0.05 per chain, then the length of the vertical curve is 30 chains.
  • While measuring horizontal angles by the method of repetition with a theodolite, readings are taken on both the vernier. Error due to imperfect graduations will be eliminated.
  • An angle-measuring instrument reading up to one-sixth of a degree on the main scale is equipped with a vernier having 19 main scale divisions divided into 20 parts. The correct least count for the instrument is 30 seconds.
  • If it is required to produce the plan of a small area under the magnetic influence, plane table survey will be the best choice.
  • Clinometer- An angle measuring instrument.
  • Tellurometer - microwave instrument
  • Pantograph- Plan enlarging instrument
  • Ghat tracer - Grading finding instrument.
  • Offsets are lateral measurements made with respect to main survey line.
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